Lacrosse falls short on the comeback trail

March 13, 2019 Sports Editor 0

Andy Riddler, Contributing Writer Army edged Lacrosse 14-12 on the road March 8, after leading by as many as seven. The Rams were sluggish out […]

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PTSD doesn’t turn men into monsters

September 29, 2014 Executive Editor 8

A man named Omar Gonzales recently made headlines after he charged across the north lawn of the White House with a knife. The reason is best summed up by the CNN headline: “White House fence jumper has PTSD.” There are dozens of headlines like it, and stories like this pop up perennially claiming post-traumatic stress disorder turns veterans into “ticking time bombs” one flashback away from going on a rampage. As an Army veteran diagnosed with service-related PTSD, I am absolutely tired of hearing this.