The Anonymous Patriot

September 12, 2018

Caitlin Barbieri Opinions Editor The anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times last week is an example of the press utilizing our freedom of speech for its intended purpose: empowerment. Media outlets across the country have debated the decision by the Times’ opinion desk to run the editorial anonymously. Read More

Why we stand with Black lives

August 22, 2016

If America’s violent summer should have reminded us of anything, it’s that the struggle for Black justice and dignity and fundamental fairness under the law is ongoing. This is not new. This began long before George Zimmerman’s gunfire pierced Trayvon Martin’s being and it will continue long after Frank Ocean’s lyric Read More

The Clintons are wrong on Black Lives Matter

April 12, 2016

Staff Editorial Last week, former U.S. President Bill Clinton lost his temper with a group of Black Lives Matter protestors while on the campaign trail for his wife and current presidential hopeful Hillary, supporting her hotly divisive comment in 1996 about gang members in urban areas being “superpredators.” “You are Read More

Goodbye, Greg

January 25, 2016

Below, four generations of CT Executive Editors bid their farewells to Gregory Osina Weatherford, known by many as an award-winning journalist and editor, the Director of the VCU Student Media Center at 817 W. Broad street and advisor to more than a dozen student-run publications housed therein. But for more Read More

Staff sign-off: Matt Leonard

December 6, 2015

As a transfer student I came to Richmond knowing just one person on campus — my cousin. Similarly, when I came to VCU five semesters ago there was just one organization that I wanted to join — the Commonwealth Times. Thus, through meetings, productions and late-night office sessions I quickly Read More

Staff sign-off: Meg Dermody

December 6, 2015

When I transferred to VCU, I was lucky enough to have a safety net in place already. My dear friend Mechelle Hankerson was heading into her final semester of undergrad, and was happy to be my guide as I navigated my first weeks as a Ram. Mechelle was the executive Read More

Staff sign-off: Anya Shcherbakova

December 6, 2015

In August, throughout the week prefacing the onslaught of this semester, Anya Shcherbakova and I put together the first issue of the CT. It was a harrowing experience. The ugly process consumed the better part of our last week of summer. We interrupted ourselves only for brief visits to the toilet, our bedrooms Read More

Issues with race, system highlighted in S.C.

November 2, 2015

Staff Editorial Spring Valley’s Rosa Parks Last week, at Spring Valley high school in Columbia, S.C., an assistant football coach and school resource officer flipped a student’s desk, gripped her arm and leg and threw her to the front of the classroom after she refused to stand up. The student, Read More

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