PHOTOS: The moment police and pro-Palestine demonstrators clashed at VCU

A protester and Richmond police officer stare each other down amidst the commotion of police deconstructing a pro-Palestine encampment at VCU on Monday, April 29. Photo by Andrew Kerley.

Protesters form a barricade with wooden pallets to prepare for police forces’ arrival. Photos by Andrew Kerley.


Police arrive to form a riot line in front of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Photo by Jack Glagola.


Police move into the crowd, using pepper spray, smoke bombs and OC fogger on protesters. Photos by Andrew Kerley.


A VCU Police officer shoots pepper spray at student and protest organizer Sereen Haddad. Photo by Andrew Kerley.


Police arrested 13 individuals, six of whom were students. All of them were charged with trespassing and participating in unlawful assembly. Photos by Andrew Kerley.


Encampment supplies left in wreckage after police-protester clash. Photos by Andrew Kerley.


Police move into the crowd a second time. One protester shoves a copy of ‘The House of Mirth’ – a 1905 novel highlighting economic inequality – in an officer’s face. Photo by Andrew Kerley.


Hundreds of students rushed to the compass to see events unfold. Authorities temporarily closed Cabell Library and allowed students to leave the building one-by-one, leaving many to watch from the windows. Photos by Jack Glagola and Thailon Wilson.


A Richmond police officer walks in front of a crowd of protesters. Protesters placed signs and stickers on many surfaces in the area, including a ‘liberated zone’ sign hung between trees. Photo by Andrew Kerley.


Virginia State Police and protesters stand off in front of Cabell Library. Photo by Andrew Kerley.


Sereen Haddad urges protesters to leave the scene. Photo by Andrew Kerley.

“We have to remember why we came here in the first place,” Haddad said. “It was to build an encampment in solidarity with the Palestinian people. If you would like to continue that, not to cause chaos, but to be a part of a movement, then you need to leave now and we will rebuild in the morning.”


After most protesters and students leave, five individuals pray in front of a police riot line. The area was clear by 11:50 p.m., according to a VCU alert. Photo by Andrew Kerley.


The Cabell Library green space was completely cleared and cleaned as early as 9 a.m. the following morning. Chalk drawings and messages were also removed. Photo by Andrew Kerley.

Editor’s Note: The Commonwealth Times has made the editorial decision to obscure the names and faces of some students to protect them from harassment.


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