VCU class debuts new student-run podcast

MASC 410 professor Robert Milazzo collaborates with his students on their new student-led podcast network ‘ReVoice.’ Photo by Jerry Pleasant.

Sofia Hussain, Contributing Writer

MASC 410, a Media Entrepreneurship course at VCU, debuts a new student-run podcast network called “ReVoice,” which will be created, produced and hosted by students, according to its press release.

The network will have different podcasts aiming to cover subjects related to aspects of young adulthood that are not typically talked about, with new episodes released every Tuesday, beginning April 2, according to its press release.

This is the first student-led podcast network at VCU, according to Robert Milazzo, professor of MASC 410.

“This is a very traditionally defined podcast network with original shows,” Milazzo said.

The length of all podcast episodes will be 10 minutes and four seconds to correspond with 410 in MASC 410, he said.

 The goal behind the different podcasts is for everyone to find something that resonates with them, according to Milazzo.

“We wanted it to be about subjects and thoughts and topics that relate to VCU students,” Milazzo said.

Milazzo hopes the podcast can expand subjects and encourage more students to become involved in the podcasts, he said.

“We want to look at all the genres that affect VCU students and make it as expansive as possible,” Milazzo said. “This is exactly the type of work that will invite students to try it, and we want to be a home where people can try it.”

“ReVoice” allows students to contribute to media production and develop necessary skills for future opportunities, Milazzo said.

“We want it to be growth-based within the VCU community,” Milazzo said. “This is exactly the type of work that will invite students to try it, and we want to be a home for people to try it.”

The different podcasts included in the network are called “Podline,” “Bad Attitudes” and “Common Talk,” according to Abbie Thornton, producer of “Common Talk” and fourth-year media production student.

The podcast network aims to give students a distraction from school and busy schedules, Thorton said.

“We wanted to give students a chance to listen to fun, lighthearted and artistic podcasts throughout their repetitive days,” Thornton said.

Thornton hopes the network can be passed down to future generations at VCU, she said.

“As we graduate, other students can take this over,” Thornton said. “It’s kind of like a time capsule.”

The podcasts discuss subjects that are continuously changing, according to Thornton.

“We showcase the generation for what it is currently, and as time goes on, those generations can also share their thoughts,” Thornton said.

A goal for the network is to build a foundation so future students can participate and expand on the development, according to Sydney Quashie, member of the content and strategy team and fourth-year media productions student.

“We want to be a voice that hasn’t been heard before,” Quashie said. 

Quashie hopes “ReVoice” brings students together and encourages building a community, she said.

“It’s also a good portfolio-building tool,” Quashie said.

“Podline” and “Bad Attitudes” will be audio-only podcasts, while “Common Talk” will include audio and video versions, Quashie said.

“Podline” discusses collegiate issues such as roommates, friendships, professors and the college experience, according to Kayla Amoah, co-host and producer of “Podline” and fourth-year media productions student. 

“Common Talk” discusses open-ended questions at popular locations at the VCU campus, such as Monroe Park and the Compass, where anyone can discuss their views on the questions, Amoah said.

“Bad Attitudes” discusses art subjects and interviews various artists at VCU and around Richmond, Amoah said.

“We want to amplify students’ voices within the shows that we do,” Amoah said. “It’s to bring a different way of making students feel included.”

The network aims to boost student engagement and involvement and potentially continue a legacy at VCU, said Kendall Remington, member of the content and strategy team and fourth-year media productions student.

“I hope it gives a platform for students to be unfiltered and share their creative aspects and innovation,” Remington said.

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