Young Americans are forced to sign their souls away to the military draft

Illustration by Killian Goodale-Porter.

Nati Feliciano-Soto, Contributing Writer

The American dream is simple. You are born into the most prosperous country in the world that promises its citizens a democracy. You receive 12 years of education and have the opportunity to pursue higher education to secure a career. As a reward, you are promised a big house with a picket fence.

Being an American has always been a privilege we have been taught to acknowledge. As Americans, we have the ultimate freedom known to mankind.

Yet, when tensions rise between the United States and other countries, the government doesn’t leave its citizens a choice as to their involvement.

Instead, the military draft was created. A draft is a national government process where U.S. citizens are randomly selected via a lottery system to complete military services in times of crisis, assigned to citizens ages 18-25, according to,  

After these citizens are drafted, U.S. forces will then conduct mental, physical and moral fitness exams to determine whether they shall be deferred or exempted by the draft process, according to the Selective Service System.

In a country that is supposed to be liberated, why is this allowed?

This atrocious law started in 1918, when the U.S. Supreme Court granted Congress the power to exercise a raise of supporting armies, considered in conjunction with the grants of the powers to declare war, according to Justia.

This means that the government can make laws necessary and proper for executing granted powers stated in the Constitution; including the power to compel military service, exercised by the Selective Draft Law. 

This law was passed by the judicial branch despite the fact that it directly contradicts the principle notion within the First Amendment, which guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition. 

The Constitution is picked apart and utilized to fit the advantage of the national government.

If someone refuses to comply they can be charged with a felony of up to five years in prison and/or fined $250,000, according to the Selective Service System

In other words, if one refuses to participate in a draft in a representative democracy, they will be punished as a criminalized felon with several of their rights taken away.

This horrid act of “patriotism” we call the draft is now being expanded to women and LGBTQ people.

In the worst-case scenario, minorities who have not been considered in previous drafts and who were promised the choice of freedom in their decision to enlist or not will now be forced into the insanity of an American war in order to justify the government’s need for a quantity fulfillment of having a powerful army.

In order to let this “free country” fight a war that often prophecies ideas like genocide and greed the United States has a history of taking this approach — directly violating our rights. 

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