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Illustration by Soli Santoyo

Bersabeh Kemaw, Contributing Writer

For this week’s pick, we’re heading to UFC 286 to cover a faceoff between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman at the O2 Arena, located in London, England on March 18.

This will be the third time these two have battled in the octagon, as they continue their fight for the Welterweight Championship.

The Welterweight division consists of individuals who are grouped between 150 to 170 pounds. 

Edwards is the current Welterweight Champion, after winning the title in August of 2022. He defeated Usman for the title in 2022 after losing to him during their first fight back in 2015, according to Bleacher Report.

This will be a very interesting fight between these two for many reasons. Mainly, it’s important to consider the fact that they are both 1-1 against each other. Edwards will be coming in to defend his title, however, Usman will be coming back with the intent to reclaim his previous title.

Both fighters have a really good record. Edwards has a record of 20-3 and Usman has a record of 20-2 according to ESPN.

It’s safe to say that both fighters do not like to lose, but unfortunately one will have to walk away the champion, as the other walks away defeated. 

With the history of both fighters, along with the rivalry between one another, I will say that I have a feeling Usman will be the winner of this fight. Considering his track record as a fighter, his techniques have developed a lot throughout his journey. 

Since he did lose the last battle, I think he will have a slightly different approach and a whole lot more hunger to earn a win. 

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