Andrew Tate is negatively influencing young boys

Illustration by Dani Murphy

Andrew Tate is negatively influencing young boys

Mika Perez, Contributing Writer 

A “Common Tate W” is possibly the most commonly used phrase by every young boy. 

Now, what is a “Common Tate W?” 

This phrase branches from a man who was one of the most Googled names in 2022: Andrew Tate. 

Tate is a British American influencer who is known for his interesting viewpoints — and when I say “interesting,” I mean violent and misogynistic. 

He has labeled himself an entrepreneur and some people view him as some sort of self-help guru. You may be thinking, “how can anybody still have those views?” You’d be surprised, as a United Nations study reported 90% of men and women hold some sort of bias against women.  

The sad truth is sexism and misogyny will never really go away but will be so hidden that nobody will ever notice it.

People like to believe problems, such as sexism, have gone away because they educated themselves, but if it only takes one guy on the internet to drive thousands of men to believe they are superior to women, that proves they’ve always thought that — they just needed someone to push them. 

Tate’s whole facade may be laughable to some but there is a darker side to his influence. 

Tate started getting views on social media like TikTok and Youtube for saying things such as, “if you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bare some responsibility,” and “why would you be with a woman who’s not a virgin anyway? She is a used goods. Secondhand.”

The majority of his fans are younger boys who are still growing and understanding the world around them. To these boys, Tate is some macho man who fights, lives in a mansion, owns shiny fast cars and “gets women.” His tactic of being straightforward and preying on weaker vulnerable men and boys is how he gains a following.

His outrageous and sexist quotes have caused an uproar in elementary and middle schools. Teachers have been raging on social media about his negative influence on their students. Schools across the country have been training teachers on how to talk to students about him and even holding assemblies to educate and encourage students to question the content he puts out. 

Young boys are viewing Tate as a role model and saying women should only be housewives. Radicalisation of young boys and men is dangerous. Not only does Tate promote a toxic mindset, he also scams them into thinking they can become rich like him. 

After Tate was banned on all social media platforms, he started to promote his online class called “Hustlers University.” This $49.99 program “trains” about 100,000 students from around the world and teaches 18 different ways to make money between business models and investment strategies. 

This is nothing but a classic pyramid scheme. 

These students, mainly boys and some who say they’re as young as 13, are being tricked to repost Tate’s videos on all social media platforms. 

His recent arrest has garnered him more attention. Tate was arrested on Dec. 29 along with his brother, on charges of organized crimes, human trafficking and rape. Women who came forward about Tate’s crimes have publicly posted the disgusting vile things he has said to them. 

You may think after his arrest young men will view him differently, but sadly, these boys are too far in. On Jan. 15, a swarm of Tate fans took to the streets of Athens, Greece shouting “Free Top G!” Tate’s brainwashing has convinced these boys that the crimes he committed aren’t a problem — or that he didn’t commit them at all. 

We need to realize the true horrors of what’s going on. This issue isn’t just a problem for young men who get fed unrealistic and toxic ideas, but also for women, who are having to deal with cruel and vile comments. 

These children are still growing and learning things and shouldn’t be told that they put themselves in the position to be raped and should bare responsibility. 

It’s scary to see these negative influencers rise to fame, and it should make us question who we are promoting and why we are promoting them. 

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