Nick’s Picks: Waffles galore served at Capitol Waffle Shop

Illustration by Killian Goodale-Porter

Nicholas Barahona, Staff Writer

Welcome to Nick’s Picks.

Join me, Nick Barahona, on our journey through the city of Richmond where I review and showcase the different cuisines and restaurants in close proximity to campus, from the lens of a VCU student. I welcome you to an exciting time ahead filled with great deals and good eats.

Today we make one last stop to cap off a heck of a semester of good finds and eats. Treating ourselves for our final review, we head over to Capitol Waffle Shop to check out if the waffles here are worth the trip, while also taking a peek at what else they offer.

Located at 515 N. Harrison St., Capitol Waffle Shop is within a hotspot of different food options that sees a lot of student foot traffic; this location is about a six minute walk from Monroe Park.

Walking into the waffle shop, you immediately face the bar area where orders are placed. On the left, there is an entrance to a second room with tables and seating. The walls are plastered with picture frames of the VCU logo and waffle memes. The vibe is very fun and easy going, which is suitable for the large number of student customers.

“Waffles are pancakes with abs,” the shop’s menu reads.

Capitol Waffle Shop has an astounding selection of over 23 different types of waffles that fill any customer’s savory, salty or sweet appetite. The waffle options include chicken, bacon, egg and cheese, buffalo chicken, and sour patch.

The waffles are categorized as brunch, lunch/dinner and dessert. You can also create your own waffle with their sweet and savory toppings anytime in the day. Scrambled egg bowls are also available with the option to customize your bowl.

The featured items include the Sriracha Baked Mac & Cheese Queso Waffle, $5 Hot Honey Bacon “Wiscuits” — waffle biscuits — and a variety selection of “Stroopwafels,” or syrup waffles.

Capitol Waffle Shop is only open during the first half of the day, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but serves customers every day of the week. Enjoy dining in, takeout or delivery, as they are found on almost every delivery service.

I visited Capitol Waffle Shop with a friend, and we split two waffles. The first waffle was the “House Chicken & Waffles,” which was topped with baked breaded chicken bites and captain crunch cereal and dusted with powdered sugar.

The next waffle was the “One Sweet Waffle,” which was topped with strawberries, blueberries, Oreos, M&Ms, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar and whipped cream. We wanted something both sweet and savory, and I personally could not miss out on getting some chicken on top of my waffles.

Each order came with a full size waffle with toppings and were about $10 each, which totaled to about $20 before tip.

The three strips of chicken on top of the waffles tasted fresh and juicy. I recommend grabbing the waffle and chicken together and dunking it into the syrup. The captain crunch gives the entire waffle a nice crunch and, along with the powder, adds a heavenly sugary taste.

The mix of fruits and chocolate candy on the next waffle was a burst of flavor in my mouth. I went a bit easier with the syrup on this already sweet waffle, but dipped it in a considerable amount of whipped cream, which was excellent.

Considering that each waffle is about $10, you won’t find yourself a steal at Capitol Waffle; however, the portions are pretty large and filling, with no limit on toppings. I also really like how the customer is able to customize their order, whether they are building their own waffle or not.

I finished two halves of the waffles and was satisfied with the quality of flavor and quantity of food served. The “One Sweet Waffle” was good, but not memorable enough to the point that I would get it again. However, the chicken and waffles was definitely my favorite, and I would highly recommend it.

I am eager to try the popular Wiscuits when I return, as they were sold out when I arrived.

Capitol Waffle Shop is perfect for someone who enjoys waffles and is willing to explore different flavors that they may not find anywhere else. I see myself coming here every once in a while to satisfy that sweet and savory craving. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, Capitol Waffle Shop most likely has a waffle for you.

My final rating for Capitol Waffle Shop is 4.5 stars out of 5.

As always, eat up!

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