Nick’s Picks: Try Harrison Street Cafe’s vegetarian breakfast and lunch

Illustration by Killian Goodale-Porter

Nicholas Barahona, Staff Writer

Welcome to Nick’s Picks.

Join me, Nick Barahona, on our journey through the city of Richmond where I review and showcase the different cuisines and restaurants in close proximity to campus, from the lens of a VCU student. I welcome you to an exciting time ahead filled with great deals and good eats.

Today we have our palates set for an all-vegetarian cafe with an assortment of vegan options to choose from. With a great location on campus, let’s take a look at what Harrison Street Cafe is serving up.

Located at 402 N. Harrison St., Harrison Street Cafe is right next to the extremely popular Christian’s Pizza, about a six minute walk from Monroe Park.

The cafe takes pride in serving an all-vegetarian menu, while also providing a wide selection of vegan options. Open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the cafe only serves breakfast and lunch.

Harrison Street Cafe is open for takeout, delivery and dine-in. You can place an order easily through the cafe’s website or by calling in. The cafe also delivers within a 2 mile radius.

Along with the espresso, coffee, tea and assorted pastries, Harrison Street Cafe offers breakfast burritos and sandwiches. For lunch, it offers wraps, sandwiches and salads. Some vegan highlights are the soysage biscuit, vegan breakfast burrito, vegan breakfast scramble, vegan potato salad and vegan cinnamon sugar cream cheese bar.

My experience at Harrison Street Cafe was a quick and easy one, with little wait and no hiccups. I placed my order online, and within minutes walked in and picked up my food. I went with the vegan deluxe burrito, which had the cafe’s signature breakfast tofu, potatoes, tomatoes and vegan sausage in a warm tortilla.

The cafe brings a sense of good vibes — perfect for anyone looking to dine-in or drink a cup of coffee and do some work. There are lights hung across the walls and paintings and art scattered across the building.

The staff was kind and helpful and made my visit a quick and happy one.

The burrito was exactly what I was looking for to satisfy my breakfast craving. The potatoes in the burrito is what really did it for me, as they were well seasoned and had a little char that added flavor. When ordering the burrito, you also have the option to add extra sides such as cheese, spinach, onions and mushrooms. I was happy with the burrito’s size, as it was enough to fill my morning appetite.

At the cost of about $10, this vegan burrito — to my surprise — got the job done. As someone who is not vegetarian or vegan, I thoroughly enjoyed this burrito. As a bonus, there are no other places on campus where you can easily snatch up a breakfast burrito. Thus, this cafe is a great place to order from when on the way to or coming back from class and in need of something quick and enjoyable.

Although Harrison Street Cafe is one of the few vegetarian places I’ve tried, it’s one of many in Richmond. Its quality of taste makes me eager to search for more vegetarian and vegan locations around town. Considering its convenient grab and go style, fair price point, diverse diet selections and quality, I give Harrison Street Cafe an easy 5 out 5 stars overall.

As always, eat up!

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