Spectrum Editor’s fall fashion tips

Illustration by Killian Goodale-Porter

Chloe Hawkins, Spectrum Editor

The change in months and weather indicate that it is officially autumn season. The mourning of bathing suits and flip flops starts, and the opening of the storage closets begins. It can be tempting to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts everyday, so here are a few fall fashion tips to (pumpkin) spice up outfits for this unpredictable season.

Incorporate large sweaters 

Big oversized “grandpa” sweaters are some of the coziest clothing items to have for the fall season. These can be easily thrifted, or just taken straight from grandpa’s closet — either way, they’re a cute and comfortable addition to any outfit. 

Buy a dependable pair of boots

An inexpensive but good quality pair of boots are easy to find at places such as Target or Ross, and a fall essential when paired with any clothing item. Boots are usually styled over leggings and jeans, but they can also be paired with skirts of any length for a more elegant fall look. 

Earthy tones are ‘in’ right now

Adding basic staple pieces in your wardrobe will help elevate your style. A staple piece is clothing you can wear in almost any situation or environment such as tank tops, long-sleeve shirts and leggings. Once you have these monotone essentials, you’ll be able to build onto them making the best fall outfit. 

Corduroy pants are essential 

The fall weather calls for thick and long bottoms, such as the basic sweatpants or jeans. Deciding to incorporate a funkier option, such as corduroy pants, can improve your outfit. My favorite color options are mustard yellow, dark green, and red, but the options are endless. 

Invest in a pair of tights

Layering is one of the most important parts of fall fashion. Integrating tights into your fall attire will add an essential extra layer and give more options to be creative. Buy tights that you know will last after the first use — I hate when I have the perfect outfit pictured in my head, and then the tights rip, ruining my idea. There are many choices to explore such as different colors, textures and patterns. 

Use warm accessories 

Incorporating accessories into your wardrobe will keep you warm and cozy while also enhancing your everyday fits. These include items such as scarfs, ear muffs and leg warmers, which are becoming more popular as clothing from the early 2000s is going through the current fashion cycle.

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