The evolution of men’s basketball uniforms

Illustration by Lauren Johnson

Milan Brewster, Contributing Writer

Over the decades, men’s basketball uniforms have evolved into different styles and iconic looks that reflect their respective time periods and the status of the team. 

Through NCAA tournaments, conference games and Black and Gold scrimmages, the basketball team have suited up to represent VCU with their vibrant colors of black and gold.



In the 1960s, the white uniforms consisted of a brief short with a track-style jersey. Embroidered in retro-style lettering on the front of the uniform was the iconic “Rams” script. The uniform was complete with a pair of knee-high wool socks and white high-top Converse. 



 A decade later, the white uniforms consisted of the “Rams” letters stitched on the front with a black line down the side. The team still had the track-style jerseys but switched the Converses for low-rise white Nike tennis shoes. 



The 1980s had a black uniform with the brief style shorts still in trend. Now, “VCU” was embroidered on the front at the left end of the shorts. The front of the jerseys spelled out “Virginia Commonwealth” with the players’ numbers in the middle in white and yellow lettering.



Longer shorts were introduced in the 1990s. The VCU logo and the players’ numbers were screen printed in black on yellow jerseys. The team left the tube socks in the ’80s for mid-calf socks in the ’90s. The uniforms were decorated in bright gold fabric with a lined border of black and white around the jersey and shorts.



The year VCU went to the Final Four in 2011, the team had black Nike uniforms that were loose fitting with a yellow stripe down the side. The VCU letters were embroidered on the front in gold with an NCAA patch stitched in the top left corner of the jerseys.



The current uniforms are white and black with yellow seams bordering the entire uniform. The uniforms contain accent colors of gold and black around the short and neckline of the uniform. The new jersey gives off a traditional look of the track-style frame, and the shorts contain the Ram shield logo on the left side. 


Illustration by Lauren Johnson

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