Tredway looks back on VCU soccer career

Redshirt-senior forward Amanda Tredway has scored three goals this season. Photo by Raelyn Fines

Adam Cheek, Staff Writer

Redshirt-senior forward Amanda Tredway is in her final season of women’s soccer, but she’s made the most of her last year. The fifth-year player has scored three goals on 16 shots and racked up six points through the team’s 13 games.

The Downingtown, Pennsylvania, native has scored 12 goals over her four seasons of active play. Tredway redshirted her first season but has played in all 73 games the VCU squad has had since.

Having been a part of the Rams for five total seasons, Tredway says it’s been an honor to represent VCU.

“It’s like a family to me,” Tredway said. “Everyone that I’ve played with these past five years have really been sisters to me.”

Tredway’s final year has altered her role on the roster, and she says she’s has become more of a leader.

“It’s almost like a lot of the younger girls … look up to me for answers, whether it’s school-related or soccer-related,” Tredway said. “It’s definitely a big role. But I like it.”

Tredway took to the pitch at a very young age and has played since she was nine — all the way through middle school, high school and college.

“I just always stuck with it,” she said. “I played other sports, but … the adrenaline that soccer brought into my life was just an irreplaceable thing.”

The forward had committed elsewhere but reached out to VCU once the coach who had recruited her departed the school.

“They came and watched me play a game, and I loved the coaching staff,” Tredway said. “And then I came and visited campus, and it was so different than where I grew up.”

She has learned a lot from soccer and knows to show her commitment on the field.

“It’s also like being able to control your emotions in the positive and negative way,” Tredway said. “But you also have to stay calm when situations don’t go well.”

Tredway and Tallent play alongside several other seniors, among them midfielder Ingrid Brouwer, defender Susanna Friedrichs and midfielder Rachel Hardy.

“It’s great, because they’ve been here my whole time,” Tredway said. “I’ve got to see them progress as players. I know they’re always going to have my back on the field.”

Coach Lindsey Martin is in her seventh season, and Tredway has appreciated everything she’s done for the team.

“She’s helped us get to the conference championship two years in a row,” Tredway said. “She always puts the team first, and she cares so much about us and just wants us to succeed.”

She appreciates the opportunity to play for the black and gold, and says the sport motivates her.

 “I can distract myself from all the issues in the world by going to practice and [being] with my best friends,” Tredway said. “To be able to compete with my friends every day, it can be tough in the moment. But when you step back and look at it, you can see how far you’ve come.”

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