The CT’s most notable hate, compiled

This story is part of The Commonwealth Times’ special coverage in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Compiled by Georgia Geen, Executive Editor

“It was a clubhouse atmosphere where they made quite clear who they favored and who they did not, and most of the ones they didn’t eventually stopped just trying … The ‘C’ also stands for ‘circle-jerk.’” — 2016 blog post from former opinions writer Sean Korsgaard

The ‘C’ also stands for ‘circle-jerk. — Sean Korsgaard

“The Commonwealth Times is a sorry excuse for a paper … Simply put, the Commonwealth Times sucks (present tense and, most likely, future).” — Alexander Fogle in a Feb. 26 1991 letter to the editor to The CT

The CT ran this cover in the issue that featured an interview with the VCU president at the time, Dr. Edmund Ackell.

“I did not like the quality of writing in The Times. Every place I’ve been we’ve always had a very active student newspaper that I’ve enjoyed, except this place. It’s no secret.” — former VCU President  Dr. Edmund Ackell in an interview with The CT published Sept. 21, 1981

“[The CT is] a defensive little group of kids that think they have this wonderful mandate from students for existing.” — anonymous VCU journalism student in Dec. 7, 1980 letter to the editor to Richmond Times-Dispatch

“I feel I really don’t need to cite any more examples of how worthless the Commonwealth Times is, because the paper speaks for itself. Besides, no matter what I say here, it would not influence any half intelligent person because they most likely have already formed a similar opinion of the Times.” — Roy Manuel, urban studies student, in an April 22, 1980 letter to the editor to The CT


A letter to the editor writer complained of The CT’s publication of this image. CT archives

“I see you stooped to a new low  … I’m speaking of the bare ass you so proudly bannered on’ your ‘centerspread’ in last week’s issue. What do you think you’re doing? … (Mind you at this point that I’m not making any reference at all to the disgusting copy accompanying the photos, stuff about barber poles on some fellow’s wong; for example).

… Good God I say. Clean your act up. Larry Flynt one day, and for God’s sake, I hope it will be Jim Jennings the next!!

Hoping you roast in Hell, I close sincerely yours.” — Oscar Willis Le Guereye, human sexuality and juvenile justice, in Feb. 28, 1977 letter to the editor to The CT

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  1. A former CT editor literally made several anti-Semitic comments towards me, and spread a series of nasty rumors about me throughout the Robinson school. School staff literally had to get inolved. Forgive me if that doesn’t exactly leave one with a warm and fuzzy impression about the CT.

    Worth noting the editor in question no longer works in journalism, while I’ve stuck with it. I’ve even won awards for my work. Imagine that.

    Maybe ya’ll have cleaned house since then, but my only regret looking back was wasting what time I did spinning my wheels in that toxic clubhouse.

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