The undead rise in Carytown

Photo by Teresa Bricker.

Destiny Hall-Harper
Contributing Writer

Zombies have finally arrived, and they’ve taken over Carytown.

The 14th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk took place Oct. 27 starting at the Byrd Theatre and meandering to Kroger and back. The walk itself is in conjunction with the American Cancer Society and all participants were encouraged to donate five dollars to the cause.

Anthony Menez, one of the coordinators of the event, gave insight into the magnitude of those in attendance.

“When the attendance peaked at almost 700 a few years ago, we stopped counting,” Menez said in an email. “I think the rain in the morning scared off a lot of potential walkers. We estimated around 300 this time around.”

The Zombie Walk has been a staple in Richmond for years, originally conceived by Menez’s friend.

“It started as a flash mob idea by one our friends, Roger Barr, back in 2005,” Menez said. “He started the whole thing then we [Menez and Josh Bishop] took over and have been running it every year since then.”

There is a simple criterion to be considered a zombie.

“There are many subtle levels of the dead/undead. I could go on and on about what I personally think,” Menez said. “It is pretty subjective really. Off hand, I don’t know…blood, blood and more blood.”

The costume contest entices many participants each year. The winners of the contest this year ranged from those dressed up as an undead fast food chain icons Ronald McDonald and Wendy to a corpse bride.

“This year marks the 14th year of the annual event, longer than I had ever anticipated,” Menez said. “At this point I think it is like a Supreme Court nomination — we are in it for life.”

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