“Run, Hide, Fight!”: VCU police hold active shooter preparedness event

VCU’s Student Government Association partnered with university police to hold “Run, Hide, and Fight,” a program which discussed active shooter preparedness on March 29 at the MCV Campus.

While the campus police has held similar events before, it was the first time they collaborated with the SGA. It was also the first time an event like this hosted by the police was open to the public.

At the event, officer Jose Vargas talked about the best options available if caught in an active shooter situation.

He said the first option is to run far away from the building. If it’s not safe to escape, the next best option is to hide where you are and block any entrance areas. The final option in an active shooter situation is to do whatever you can to fight against the shooter.

“Committing to your actions is the most important thing,” Vargas said. “The mentality I want all of you to have is to just never give up.”
VCU senior Kristina Brandveen thought the active shooter program was effective.

“[The event] talked about what we have on campus that’s good to use as well as any other things that can guide us in the best way possible if we ever encounter a situation that is extreme,” Brandveen said.

What stuck with Brandveen most from the event was that hiding, despite seeming risky, is one of the best options in the event of an active shooter situation.

Vargas said he wants students to always be prepared.

“We don’t want students to think about their options for personal safety at the time of an incident,” Vargas said. “We want them to know ahead of time what protective actions they can take.”

VCU police and SGA are hoping to have another event like this on Monroe Park Campus.

Logan Reardon, Contributing Writer

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