Man who held racist sign at VCU’s compass was arrested again later when he returned to campus

Tyler Lloyd, 27, of Chesterfield. Photo courtesy: Facebook
Tyler Lloyd, 27, of North Chesterfield. Photo courtesy: Facebook

A man holding an inflammatory sign with a racist slur was arrested by the VCU Police Department after a crowd gathered around him outside Cabell Library this morning.

Tyler W. Lloyd, 27, of North Chesterfield was arrested and charged with trespassing after police asked him to leave VCU and he refused, according to a police spokesperson. Lloyd returned to campus in the afternoon and was arrested again for trespassing. Lloyd is not a VCU student or employee.

“Police advised the man that he was causing a disruption to operations and asked him to leave VCU property,” VCU PD said in a statement. “When he refused, he was arrested.”

“2018 New Year’s resolution for Black guys: Prevent n*gga moments,” the sign read.

At one point, the man used a racist slur while responding to a student who called him hateful.

“If you can’t address the word n*gger, you’re the one being hateful,” he said to a group of students.

A Black VCU police officer addressed the crowd, asking them to ignore the man and go to class.

Photo provided by Kataleeya Cashion.

“I understand you are upset, I totally understand,” the officer said. “But at the same time … You’re fueling this. Thats all you’re doing.”

The man holding the sign was later arrested as the crowd gathered around him cheered. VCU Police did not immediately respond to comment. It is unclear whether the man who was arrested is a student at VCU.

The following videos were produced by and provided to the Commonwealth Times. Some of them contain explicit content.


Siona Peterous, Spectrum Editor

Fadel Allassan, Managing Editor at Large


  1. Now that we know who this sub human piece of trash is, let the public do their thing, he is obviously a very sad and depressed person in need of a hug, cannot imagine what his childhood was like to be so desperate for attention, poor little guy. Funny enough, he should take a DNA test and see that he has African ancestry as all humans do.

    • Most definitely free speech will die unless it is fought for. The anti-free-speech activists characterize those they don’t agree with as ‘evil haters’ and their speech as ‘hate speech’ (a faux legal propaganda term that has no legal base), in order to marginalize, shut down, and legitimize violence towards anyone not toeing the ‘politically correct” line of the authoritarian left. They are haters who claim to be combatting hate, and anti-virulent racists who hate whites claiming to ‘oppose racism’. These violent hypocrites and would-be commissars and wanna-be gulag-guards must be opposed at every turn. They’re willing to execute and torture anyone they define as “nazis”, which is, first, anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton, and second, white people in general.
      They oppose free speech because they want no opposition able to speak as they try to cultivate the dispossession, marginalization, and likely eventual removal of whites in America- so any speech defending white political and social interests- or even that whites have a right to exist, is portrayed as ‘evil, immoral, and fascist”, and thereby in their minds any action is warranted to prevent Americans and whites speaking in their defense.

      This isn’t going to end well, because we free-speech absolutists are NOT going to back down in the face of such obvious hypocrisy presented as socially ‘progressive’ and morally ‘militant’.

      Anyone who opposes free speech at its most extreme is evincing their utter hostility to the nation itself… seems to me I remember when this same authoritarian left were ‘free speech absolutists’ when theirs wasn’t the prevailing narrative. Fifty years later, and the left controls the majority of academia and media, and when confronted with free speech in action, move to SHUT IT DOWN.

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