R&B singer Fùnsho brings balance to DMV music scene

img_0330R&B singer and Maryland native Fùnsho has just released his politically-charged new single “Preezy.”

Released a day after the second presidential debate, the song speaks to the world’s political and societal frustrations. In a time where the D.C. area music scene is filled rappers, most notably Wale, Shy Glizzy and Jay IDK, Fùnsho said he looks to carve out his own lane as an R&B singer.

“I feel like there’s a shortage of R&B in the DMV,”  Fùnsho said. “There’s a lot of trap rappers that has dominated the music scene. I think the scene is becoming a lot more robust. I definitely see myself apart of that.”

Born in Nigeria, the singer found his musical talents at an early age. Starting out as a visual artist, he soon got interested in music. He said he began to take his music career seriously after auditioning for American Idol twice.

“Seeing that whole process of the auditions, it inspired me to want to control my own musical journey,” Fùnsho said. “I think it’s kind of shaped how I go about my music.”

Fùnsho  said he looks to reach his fans personally through making relatable and honest music. His latest project, “Sounds Have Emotions” dropped in September. The album, like “Preezy”, touches on this election cycle, college debt, marijuana legalization and life as a millennial in 2016. The project was inspired by his own experiences with relationships.

“Each song is like a different feeling,” Fùnsho said. “It has a very electronic sound to it. Very honest in its lyrics.”

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince and Erykah Badu, the singer said he believes in taking control of his career and music by doing his own writing and composing.

“A lot of times people wait for an opportunity,”  Fùnsho said. “If you want to be a musician you’ve just go to start pursuing it.”

Fùnsho hopes that his music continues to resonate with his fans and more people to come.

“My music is honest,”  Fùnsho said. “A reflection of not only my reality but the world’s reality. The things around me and the things I see. My experiences are important for people to see and feel. I try to be authentic and true to myself as possible and try to deliver that though sound.”

In addition, he’s hopes to hold a unique place in the music industry by not riding the waves of current artists.

“I try not to box myself in as a writer,”  Fùnsho said. “When I write music I try not to follow trends and think outside of the box. I think authenticity and honesty is something that can really connect with the people. My place in the industry has that while also being able to have as well.”

As the year ends, Fùnsho hopes to collaborate with other artists and become more immersed in various music scenes around the country and world.

Listen to “Preezy” at https://soundcloud.com/funsho/prezzy


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