Jake Johnson, College Humor release sexual assault PSA

Jack Johnson star's in College Humor's new PSA for the It's On Us campaign in which bears kill one in five of those they encounter, the same statistic for the number of women who will be sexually assaulted in college.

The Obama administration’s “It’s On Us” campaign, which has worked toward drawing attention to sexual assault since its launch last year, has released a new video with College Humor that tackles a tricky subject in a light hearted way.

The video features Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris from New Girl, David Walton from About a Boy, Rob Riggle from Let’s Be Cops. In the video they’re all hanging out watching football when the character played by Riggle leaves the room to get a new beer.


When he opens the door to leave the room he sees a bear sitting on the kitchen floor.

“Oh, that’s just a big, angry, hungry bear,” Johnson’s character says. “Just pretend it’s not there.”

As the bear begins to growl on the other side of the door his friends became worried about what is on the other side and ask why he doesn’t want to do anything.

Johnson’s character then says the bear will only kill one in five of them — a number commonly referred to with sexual assault saying that one in five women will be assaulted in college.

When the bear knocks down the door Johnson screams “It’s fine, It’s fine! The majority is fine. I don’t want to deal with this problem.”

The video is a comment on people turning their back on sexual assault even when they know that it is happening.

“I heard about it and I it just seemed like something that was worth doing,” Johnson said in a conference call on Thursday. “I think what’s kinda going on with these sexual assaults is crazy.”

Spencer Griffin from College Humor said they had been working with “It’s On Us” since the campaign began in September 2014, and said when coming up with this sketch they wanted to focus on the one in five statistic.

“We said ‘what if it was something else,’” Griffin said.

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