VCU Rec Sports implements new facility entry system

Muktaru Jalloh

Online News Editor

Rec Sports has introduced a new Biometric hand software for all facilities, including the Cary Street Gym. Part of a new management system, the new entry setup is an effort to cut future costs and increase security measures.

To update to the new program, students must register their hands and ID proxy number at the service desk. After, members place their hands on the platen and once it’s verified, the reader on the turnstile will display “access granted.”

To leave, all members will simply swipe their VCU ID at the turnstile.

Meredith Hawkins, the Associate Director for Facility Operations and Student Operations, believes the change was timely and necessary.

Over the summer, Rec Sports moved to a new recreation management software system that manages our membership sales, program registration, locker rentals and access control,” Hawkins said.

“The new system wasn’t compatible with our old biometric entry system so we took this opportunity to upgrade to a more durable and reliable system.”

Hawkins affirms that the new system will not only have safety advantages but also financial benefits as well.

“Long-term, the new system should provide cost savings to Rec Sports as the hardware is more durable than our previous system, which means we’ll spend less on repair and replacement,” Hawkins said.

In regard to members’ reaction to the new system, Hawkins says she believes that it’s been good.

“Overall, response to the new system has been positive,” Hawkins said. “As with anything new, there’s a learning curve but we’ve been working to educate our members on why the change was made and how it will improve their experience checking into our facilities.”

Aila Castane, a VCU junior, says she feels much safer now with the new system implemented.

“I feel much more secure knowing that the means of security at the gym has been strengthened,” Castane said. As a college student on an urban campus, safety is a huge priority for me and this helps a lot.”

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