‘Most talented Ram’ to perform at pep rally

Austin Walker
Staff Writer

As part of this year’s homecoming celebrations, a selection of spirited Rams will take the stage as contestants in “VCU’s Got Talent event on Tuesday.”

The biggest change this year is the committee to incorporate the Theatre Department.

The Theatre Department is sending a collection of actors to perform an act during the opening and intermission of the show. Their planning has been outside of the Homecoming Committee, so it will be a surprise to everyone as to what they will be presenting.

“I’m excited for the new aspect of the Theatre Department being involved because they’re pretty awesome and I’m glad I was able to reach out and they were interested in being able to perform and be a part of the talent show,” Grier said.

Shaunice Grier, a forensic science major and a first-timer on the committee, organized VCU’s Got Talent and said that the event has managed to encompass people from every class, with many different types of performances. There will be dancing, musical performances and comedy.

“I’m excited about people stepping up to the plate and getting out of their shell and showcasing their talent,” Grier said. “Because it’s ultimately a reflection of VCU and its diversity and spirit as a whole.”

Last year, the winners of VCU’s Got Talent were able to perform as the opening act for the Homecoming concert featuring Fabolous, Jhene Aiko and Mack Wilds. This year the first place winners will perform at the pep rally before the watch party of the game between VCU and University of Richmond. Second and third-place winners will walk away with a trophy to showcase their efforts.

Auditions videos were accepted this year. Shaunice was in charge of viewing the 20 submissions and selecting the performances that would be displayed. Currently, 14 performances are scheduled, but this isn’t concrete. There’s always a chance that performers will drop, or space will somehow become more or less available.

She said she chose these 14 based on uniqueness, interest, spirit and talent. She said she was willing to ignore their ability as performers if their spirit, talent, confidence and interest made them stand out.

The panel of judges will also base their scoring off of this same criteria. It consists of four judges, with a representative of the Theatre Department, Residential Life and Housing, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Students Today Alumni Tomorrow. Their decision will be announced the following day at the Pep Rally, followed by a performance by the winners.

As of last Thursday, the office of the Student Organizations Planning Committee was packed with black and gold decorations. In every room there were boxes filled with spirit wear, streamers and confetti.

Grier assured that, despite the clutter, the events were more than likely to be ready by their scheduled time and that she was looking forward to Tuesday.

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