VCU to host Broad Street Mile

Alex Greer
Contributing Writer

In a combined effort to celebrate the university’s 175th anniversary and raise money for local community organizations, VCU will be hosting the inaugural Broad Street Mile on Saturday, Sept. 28.

The event will feature 16 themed one-mile “fun runs” on Broad Street between Belvidere and Hermitage as well as a separate festival area with exhibits from VCU academic programs, organizations, sponsors and more.

Broad Street will be shut down between Belvidere and Meadow, but traffic interruption is expected to be minimal.

Avail Marketing’s Jonathon Mayo came up with the idea for the event and said VCU has been instrumental in its development.

“I would say that VCU has by far been the force to execute the concept for the Broad Street Mile,” Mayo said. “Without the support and involvement from VCU, the event would not have been possible.”

Prior to the race, runners will be able to register with a specific nonprofit organization, which will then receive a portion of the registration fees as well as online donations. The remaining money will go to scholarship funds for the university.

The cost to participate is $25 for adults and $15 for students. Mayo said that more than 500 people are currently signed up.

For the more committed runners, the event introduces the Zoe Challenge, named after Zoe Romano, a Richmond local who became the first person to ever run the Tour de France course this past summer.

The challenge encourages participants to run all 16 one-mile “fun runs” if possible, but also encourages a healthy pace.

Each “fun run” has a different theme. The first mile is reserved to honor the first responders of the City of Richmond.

Rodney the Ram will also headline his own “fun run” in the child-friendly Mascot Mile, according to the event’s website.

Students interested in participating in the Broad Street Mile as runners or volunteers are encouraged to register at


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