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“I’m really a naturally warm person”


Sophomore Mass Communications major

CT Where are you hoping the mass comm degree takes you?

BWC Well, I really hope to work for Adult Swim. I absolutely love Cartoon Network, I love cartoons … I love being random. And all that other stuff, kind of … non sequitur kind of deal.

CT How have you been random and/or non-sequitur today?

BWC Someone was like, “Are you out of your f***ing mind, wearing that outfit?” I said, “Why yes – yes I am.” And then I did a little dance. [performs dance]

CT I’m not sure how to describe that accurately.

BWC An “irish jig.”

CT All right.

BWC I think it’s just because I’m really a naturally warm person. And to me 50 degrees is very nice weather, and everyone else seems to be just bundled up like it’s 30. So I guess that makes me crazy.

CT What’s your favorite show on Adult Swim?

BWC “Metalocalypse.” I just love how absurd the premise is, of having a band that’s so popular that it’s its own economy, on its own. I just think it’s hilarious, all the characters and everything. All that.

CT In what sort of capacity do you hope to work for them?

BWC I want to write the “bumps.” You know, the random little messages between commercials and everything. I’ve actually made one to submit to them to see if they would take it. It said, um … okay, Adult Swim has really got the teenage, lazy stoner appeal going for them, and their advertising has followed suit. So I took a screenshot of – remember that Windex commercial where the kid’s sleeping and everything, and the lady like wipes off the window or whatever and the sunshine’s flowin’, and they’re like “S***, we have school”?  Like, if you actually pause it and look at the scene, there’s like a fake Bob Marley poster and like mushrooms in the background, like the place is an absolute wreck. And I just thought that was hilarious, and I was like: “Adult Swim, setting the teen standards extra low.” Or something like that.

CT Your arm looks fairly cut up.  Would you mind me asking …?

BWC Oh – I work at the [upward inflection] Dump. You know …

CT To the Dump, to the Dump, to the Dump-Dump-Dump?

BWC Yes. You know, your body just gets really dry and anything will scratch you up. You don’t really realize it.

CT I was going to ask if something Metalocalypse-reminiscent had happened. Something with buzz saws.

BWC No, I’m – I’m actually kind of sad that you guys picked me of all people to consider “interesting “or whatever because I don’t really have the most …

CT I actually find this fascinating.

BWC Okay, cool.

CT Is that the only pair of glasses you own, or do you have multiple colors?

BWC I wish I did; I used to have pink ones but my dog tore it up. Um, I have the other classical aviator where you can’t see my eyes, and they’re mirrored and everything.

CT Any last nuggets of wisdom?

BWC Hey Hey Hey, smoke weed everyday.*

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