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Guns on campus photo poll:

Do you think guns should be allowed on campus?

Chelsea Kunnecke, a sophomore forensic science and chemistry major
“I don’t think they are necessary. I feel that VCU is a safe enough environment in which any normal person would not need to carry a gun on campus.”

Marcos DaSilva, a junior film major
“It’s irresponsible to let students have guns. I do have more of a problem with students having guns than adults. If something crazy happens we can’t always rely on law enforcement.”

Brittney DeRizzio, a sophomore costume design major
“When you’re on a campus there are people ranging from 18 to 30 years old and at 18 not everyone has control of their judgement.”

Nathan Keeys, a junior advertising major
“I think guns should not be allowed by anyone at VCU except for VCU cops.”

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