The Coming Bush Draft

August 31, 2004


The onset of a new military draft gained momentum this summer.

First, in mid-June there were reports that Presidential Adviser Karl Rove polled GOP Congressmen and obtained support for a draft. One report of this was in Family Circle magazine-which has 23 million readers. Yet, 10 weeks later the White House has not bothered to deny these reports. See

Second, the Administration engaged Iran regarding its nuclear power program. Undersecretary of State John Bolton claims Iran admitted to European diplomats that it could have material for a nuclear bomb in one year. The diplomats are hedging. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld stated that Iran seeks missiles that can hit the USA. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a “senior administration official hinted” that regime change in Iran was an option. Last Sunday, the Wichita Eagle stated: “The Bush administration is hinting that if Bush is re-elected, the use of military force to overthrow the government of Iran wouldn’t be out of the question. But it won’t have enough manpower unless Little Caesar Bush reinstates the draft.” See

The rhetoric regarding Iran looks much like the pre-war rhetoric on Iraq. Any regime change in Iran would mandate a draft; that nation has three times the population of Iraq and four times the area. So think of regime change in Iran as requiring 500,000 more troops.

All this led a Reagan Administration official to state: “If you favor the return of the draft, and war without end, vote Republican.” See Many other officials and experts now seem to agree. For example, Newsweek published a column today deploring the “received wisdom” of an “obvious” draft. See

These are just the recent developments. See

Vote like your life depended on it.

Steve Ramirez

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