Are we there yet?

The SGA has announced a winner. Hopefully these individuals will get something accomplished this year. I will lay off them for now. Just know that I shall be watching you and you better get things moving or you and your organization will once again be poked and prodded with sharp pointy sticks.

Also, did I mention my troops that are posed to stage a military coup at the first sign that this SGA will be as unneffective as the last.

Fall break?

It seems the SGA is allowing us a fall break. That is all nice and dandy, but two days?

Is the SGA really granting us a whole two days off next semester? May I ask how two days can be considered a break? For most of us hard-working students, this is but a tease. A short breath in an otherwise over-crowded work week.

One last thing, I hope the SGA is not bitter or angry at me for bringing their inactivity to light. I am just doing my part in getting the SGA’s existence to the students. Since it seems that none of you wish to promote yourselves, I will do it for you. No press is bad press.

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