World’s longest season

Is it just me or has baseball season gotten a little too long? Don’t get me wrong, it’s my second favorite sport, but any sport that overlaps another’s season on both sides might be getting a little big for its britches. Now, I know it’s America’s pastime but please, let’s be reasonable. It starts and ends in hockey season.

I’m sorry league, but if you’re a sport not meant to be played in inclement weather, don’t start the season when it’s snowing outside. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again, what do I know? Having regular season games in March is asking for trouble.

And it’s not like the long season hurts attendance or anything. Sports fans are becoming more and more disinterested in baseball but I’m sure that it has nothing to do with the length of a season. Plus, everyone knows we love sitting outside when it’s cold and raining. Just look at football.

But in all seriousness, everyone knows that attendance (in some areas more than others) is dropping. I don’t know if increasing the length of the season is a really in the best interest of the league.

Think about it, if you were looking to do something one night, going to a game or going to a party, if you have another 150 games to catch, it doesn’t matter if you miss one or two. You’re going to go to the party, and so will everyone else who enjoys the sport of baseball.

With more than 160 games in a season, and games practically every day of the week for sixth months straight, following a team becomes less fun and more work.

That’s why you’re seeing more people who follow less regularly. And I’m getting to that point as well. I mean, why bother watching the first 50 games? They really won’t have too much of an impact on the season. If I can pick up the scores on Baseball Tonight or SportsCenter it really saves a lot of time.

Fans have become overexposed to baseball. Games are no longer giant events that fans look forward to, they are everyday occurrences that don’t seem to matter much. They have lost the appeal and excitement that they used to have. They aren’t as important so they don’t feel as important.

Baseball is really hurting itself with the long schedules. If the teams want more revenue, play fewer games and fill the seats. Adding more games for nobody to come see isn’t going to help out much. Baseball has been in trouble these last couple of seasons, alienating fans on a regular basis. Hopefully, for the sake of America’s pastime, the league will pull its act together soon.

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